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Peter "Stix" Chiou

Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft

An innovative pioneer. That's how I would describe Derek concisely. I've known Derek a few years and was very quickly impressed with his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Everything he touches thrives. He sees innate talent and seeks to energize it, which brings out the best in people. He is a magnet for people with gravitas. He has had a few impressive successes from a security startup that was acquired by Cisco to taking an laboratory-developed visualization app to commercialize it for an industry sorely in need of such a solution...then, helping to start a separate working group within SANS Institute to advance the same industry. Finally, launching a 501C6 - Control System Cyber Security Association International (CS2AI) - to better the same industry and make it a better, safer, and more resilient domain, which impact every human on earth. What impact! I would happily work with Derek any time, as I am now, in CS2AI. I count it a privilege. 

Jim Jubelirer high-res headshot

Jim Jubelirer


Jubelirer Results Group

Derek spoke at out Scaling Up Summit. He did a great job cutting through the clutter of a busy conference program by delivering a strong, focused presentation. His talk was packed with useful information about a very important and mis-understood topic. The White Papers accompanying the presentation were a great addition to my learning. 


Ethan King

Founder and CEO 

Zeus'​ Closet

I drastically need to bring Derek into my company to talk to my employees. They have no idea how much risk they're putting as at with their everyday interactions.


Lesli Seta


Speed, Seta, Martin, Trivett & Stubley

I recently had the opportunity to attend one of Derek’s cybersecurity workshops.  Derek is the best translator for the non-technical business owner like me.   We need the help to navigate through these cyber issues. We don't really understand them. We don't really want to understand them. But I now know that we NEED to understand them. I was looking for someone to hold my hand and humor me; to give me that spoonful of sugar, so that I could tolerate all this stuff to help me do what we needed to protect our company. I'm so grateful to have been in the audience of one of Derek's talks.  Engage him to talk to your employees or business group now.


Josh McAfee


Headway Platform

One of the things I hadn't thought about that Derek talked about was the policy side of security and actually helping my employees understand the things ahead of time versus having a reactionary policy. I was really appreciative of that perspective.


Randy Zechman


Clean Solar

Derek Harp spoke to our group of about 200 people. He was one of the highest rated speakers of the year for our group. We have about 45 every year. His focus on immediate take away value is evident in most slides. The conversation was multi-dimensional, dealing with personal security to business. He was engaging and always kept the topic moving. As I looked around the room, you could tell everyone in the room was engaged. At the end of the presentation, he took questions and answers. You can always tell how popular a speaker is by how many questions they receive. Our group had so many, we had to cut them off and let them ask Derek afterwards. He was gracious enough to stick around for an extra 30 to 60 minutes to make sure everyone got their questions answered. I could not speak more highly about his presentation.   


Jeremy Kobus


Business Design

Derek generously volunteered to speak to my class at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I've had other speakers visit, but Derek's talk was by far the most engaging for the students. Usually we have to prod them to ask questions and make comments. As Derek spoke though the students blistered him with questions about his professional career, advice, and how he has dealt with success - and failure. Invaluable advice for a class of aspiring entrepreneurs. What made it even more valuable to the students is that Derek framed the talk in a way that his advice would be valuable to anyone looking to start a business. Most of the students are pursing careers in fashion, interior design, graphic design, or another form of art - but not necessarily technology focused. At the end of the talk it was hard to get him out of there with the trail of students asking for his business card!


Sean Cooney

Commanding Officer of the Center for Information Dominance Unit,

Monterey, California

We sought a speaker with a savvy, commonsense guidance and superior results. Derek came to our military training organization and immediately connected with our team. His inspirational personal and professional journey was just want we needed from a guest speaker. His non-traditional and non-military approach to our day-to-day challenges has given our staff a fresh and practical perspective that transcends the overused and dead-end mantra of “that is how the Navy does it.” Derek’s discovery and execution of “evangelizing” a cause and applying entrepreneurial processes to our non-entrepreneurial environment, crosses industrial-military boundaries that can be used by any person or team seeking to grow their craft. The training was fantastic and our staff has not stopped talking about Derek’s discussions and selfless Q&A session following our training. His “smart” versus hard work approach will continue to pay dividends as our organization tackles training and productivity challenges for years to come. 


Barry Swartz

Vice President at conexx: America Israel Business Connector

Wayne White C r.jpg

Wayne Kurzen


The Kurzen Group

I was fortunate to attend a presentation by Derek Harp on cybersecurity at Verne Harnish’s ScaleUp Summit. WOW!  I had no idea as to how serious the threat is to me and my business.  I learned so many things regarding the threat and also the actions I should be taking. Derek is not only very current on cyber security, his style of delivery is compelling.


Margaret Lisi


ST!R Film Design

The amount of information, the currency of his information, and the value adds that he provides in terms of best practices and tips, slam dunk.


Hunter Elkins

Owner / Founder

Elkins Retail Advertising

Derek makes the intimidating and constantly changing world of cyber-security not only understandable to the layman, but actually entertaining! His natural style and engaging stories make everyone feel comfortable tackling such a daunting subject. Derek is a natural and I highly recommend seeing him speak.


John Yates


Morris, Manning & Martin

Derek is clearly a global expert on the unique aspects of cybersecurity and practical considerations for business leaders to consider with regard to this critical and timely topic. He displayed a special knowledge of business and legal issues in this area while at the same time presenting the information in a practical, entertaining and easy to understand manner.
Importantly, Derek has a special ability to simplify complicated and technically complex issues – and make them comprehensible by those of us who are non-technical. Using his casual but convincing style, Derek does not use fear-uncertainty-and-doubt or sell a story of doom and gloom; rather he leads the audience down a path of decreasing risk while still pursuing the great advantages new technology offers us.


Alex Grohmann


Zen Strategics

Derek Harp gave a wonderful presentation at MACH 37 on the challenges and awards of entrepreneurship within the cyber security market. His frank and deeply entertaining talk provided clarity as to what a startup company can expect to face as they navigate their way from idea to sellable product. Derek’s timely examples and stories based on his own experiences provided a wonderfully colorful insight into that world.


Al Seifert


MSB Associates, Inc.

Derek is very energetic and captivating. He is a passionatespeaker who dispenses sound sage advice through interestingpersonal stories that re-enforce the lessons he is successfully conveying.

Derek Harp serves as a moderator and subject expert at a Conexx: America Israel Business Connector seminar entitled "The Cyber Risk Landscape". Derek was well prepared, engaging and possessed the expertise to navigate a knowledgeable panel. Derek was a joy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Derek and hope to call upon him again.

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