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Hire Derek To Speak on the following topics

Cyber Insecurity: protecting yourself and your business

Serial entrepreneur and industry veteran, Derek Harp, will guide you on an in depth look at cybersecurity today. Starting with an industry overview, but with a key goal of waling away with practical steps you must take at work and home to protect yourself.

Raising Entrepreneurial Capital: The do's and don'ts of selling equity in your business

Serial entrepreneur and veteran fund raiser, Derek Harp will share his experiences raising capital over 20 years for early stage businesses. Participants will walk away with a fundamental understanding of the process, different options they might have, and the underlying profiles of most investor types.  

Spear Phishing Exercise

We run a Phishing exercise against all participant emails (and share the results during a speaking engagement). 

Inside the Entrepreneurs Studio

Serial entrepreneur and series host, Derek Harp, persuades some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship to give up some surprisingly personal information during his chats with them in front of an engaged audience of hard-driving entrepreneurs. Previous guests include Tom Noonan, Former CEO of ISS and Alan Masarek, CO of Vonage, former CEO of Quickoffice. 

Relationships 360

Learn to build relationships like a champion from serial entrepreneur and master networker, Derek Harp. Learn the techniques to grow and cultivate relationships all around you, fundamentally effecting your business but also all aspects of your personal life.



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