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Don’t Let Your Cybersecurity Guard Down During the COVID-19 Crisis!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

As COVID-19 develops around the world rapidly, we all know we are in the middle of an unprecedented set of circumstances in modern times. What is less clear is almost everything else. In combat this is called the “fog of war” and it hides many things. One of those things that people may not be thinking about now is Cybersecurity. It is more important then ever to NOT let your guard down now. COVID-19 themed hacker tactics and techniques are being used widely.

We’d all like to think that during a global crisis like this threat actors are taking a break and worrying about their own skins but the truth is they are not. In fact, they are directly exploiting this crisis as I write this. There are factors making this a bonanza for them and our own very poor Cyber Behaviors present a clear and present danger.

I published an article with some recommendations on LinkedIn

Here are a few curated articles that should give you more than enough reference reading for this timely threat.

Hackers are posing as reputable sources of information like the CDC or WHO Using coronavirus content as the lure

Hackers are preying on fears of COVID-19 and security experts say the spike in email scams linked to coronavirus is the worst they have seen in years. (article examines 5 specific campaigns)

; this Android app that supposedly helps track cases of the coronavirus actually locks users’ phones and demands a ransom in order to restore access. (Note: a password key has since been published and this article provides link to that development)

Attackers create false site appearing to be/replicate the Johns Hopkins infection-tracking map but spreading malware to visitors

Hackers sponsored by Chinese, Russian and North Korean governments have been using COVID-19 themed phishing emails to infect millions of vulnerable devices with malware.


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