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Over the last 20 years, it has been my privilege & passion to start, fund & run companies, sharing my experience with others along the way. It has always been very personally satisfying to help business owners, executives, startup founders & students to improve their entrepreneurial plans, businesses, outlooks or strategies.

My career has had a frequent focus on cyber security. Going back to my time as a U.S. Navy Officer where I was introduced to communications security, management and intelligence; to co-inventing Intellishield™, a pioneer IT security product which was later acquired by Cisco Systems; co-founding NexDefense, a software company focused on the specific security needs of industrial control systems (ICS) asset owners.

I've enjoyed professionally speaking for many years: keynotes, workshops and guest lectures on a variety of topics. As a speaker, I often draw from my decades of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and my work in the cyber security industry to share interesting yet relevant stories with my audiences. It is my goal to make a meaningful impact with every interaction.

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Khurram Chaudry

Founder and CEO


I had an opportunity to interact with Derek at the Mach37 Cybersecurity Accelerator. Derek came through as someone with great amount of passion for innovation. He was very forthcoming in sharing some real life entrepreneur experiences that were in valuable to know. Enjoyed our conversation and highly recommend Derek for guidance on startup world especially around raising funds!


Hanno Ekdahl


Idenhaus Consulting

As a cyber security entrepreneur, I have found it's hard to engage people in a real conversation about this topic that actually result in change. Derek does a wonderful job bringing energy, enthusiasm, and humor to the conversation in a way that captivates his audience and keeps them there. He makes the content not only accessible  to those in the room, but also meaningful for them. They walk away having received the message loud and clear about ways they can improve their cybersecurity.



Marc Casto,

CEO & President

Casto Travel

Derek's presentation was perfectly suited for the varying levels of knowledge on cyber security within the audience: neither overly convoluted to lose the interest of the non-technical nor lacking in depth to discourage the die-hard experts. Following the program there was extensive feedback from members rating him as one of the top subject matter experts to present before us in the last few years. We intend to hire him back for an on-going series.